I'm a creative with a rational mind who helps digital culture companies make sure their product adds meaning to their users' lives.


Self-taught digital product designer with a Graphic Design B.A., based in Montréal.

Industry interests
Slow Web, Education, Medical & Wellness,
E-Learning, Editorial & Publishing, Personal Finance,
Government Institutions, Entrepreneurship

I recognize that being a designer is being offered the privilege to fulfill other people's needs and desires. Particularly in user experience because its research-based practice is centered around confirming or discovering what those deepest interests really are. I feel very lucky to have found my calling in interface design because I am convinced we can build a better Web for everyone.

I want to challenge conventions in the digital culture industry and participate in exploring alternative solutions. Information environments have become an inherent part of our lives yet we continuously feel overwhelmed by them. We need to slow down to make sense of everything the Web can offer us. I want to empower users to regain agency over their digital ecosystems.



I love organizing information in a visually attractive and cognitively senseful way for the user to quickly be interested and engaged. As a user, I automatically feel it when good design happens to me, and I'm constantly on the lookout for those delightful digital moments.


Strong visual sense

My background in print graphic design has allowed me to develop a strong detail-oriented visual sense. I focus on typography and hierarchy in UI design. Thanks to a mixture of countless hours surfing the web, infinite curiosity and a keen editing eye, my radar for quality has developed into a solid curatorial filter. With those skills, I can confirm I have developed a sense for digital products. I can easily determine whether a web page or app is worth people's time, attention or money for the good reasons.

Cartesian mind

I have a very analytical and logical mind. I can quickly prioritize what's important. I deeply understand that I am not the user. Therefore I know that the only valuable source of truth comes from the end users themselves and that any decision concerning digital product development should rely on data gathered from research and analysis. When taking on digital design projects, I promote a holistic approach. I always keep the big picture in mind, and believe we should never release something without having checked all implications.